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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Reunion with the Grand Puppy!

Ten and a half years ago my miniature dachshund Tsion had a 60 second interlude with a neighbor’s sneaky miniature chocolate poodle. 
The result was 7 “Doodles”… 

I found each a good home but haven’t seen any of them since then.
Last month when I was in MO visiting, Himself and I went to the local farmer’s market.  We ran into one of the puppy’s owners – who happened to live right next to the market.  She went over to her house and brought “Ebony” out for us to see!  At 10 years old, she is very grey.  Several of the puppies had this wiry hair, a few were slick coated like their mama, and about half looked like a curly long hair dachsie. 
“Hi Ebony!  Do you remember your ‘grandma’?”
I was surprised to see how leggy she had gotten.  The last time I’d seen her she was still a stubby puppy. 
It was really fun to get to see her again and to hear how much she is loved. 

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