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Sunday, October 28, 2012

We're Going on an "Orange" Hunt!

Himself and I were minding the babies at my parent’s house… and there was a bit too much fighting over who was going to be “driving” Papo’s tractor.  Since I had a photo challenge for the color ‘orange’ I told the kids were going on an Orange Hunt.  (One of their favorite books is “Going on a Bear Hunt”).  They thought that would be a grand idea!
It didn’t take long for Little Bird to find an orange bucket from Home Depot. 
A little farther down were the orange berries from the pyracantha bush.
These orange mushrooms amazed us all!
Little Hoss found the orange tail light on ‘daddy’s truck’.
Then Little Bird noticed the orange 6 on Hoss’ sleeve.
Myrtle the Duck has orange feet (that are in need of repainting!).
And just when I thought we were done… Little Bird spotted the orange extension cord.
It was an excellent game to play with the toddlers.  We’ll be going on many more color hunts in the future!

1 comment:

  1. Love the orange display blog.

    Oh my today I put on a orange colour top on my profile. (Imagine) I guess I am in the mood today.

    I may enter myself you think for the challenge. (Ha,ha) Well it has Multiple colours as well but the orange does stick out.

    Nice photos.


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