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Monday, October 22, 2012

Bargain Vintage Finds

During our trip to “The Northlands” (MN and WI) we made a couple get-out-and-stretch stops at some antique/junk shops and a ReStore.  Making a game of my browsing, I decided to look for things I could use in my creative projects… but they could be no more than $1 each. 
For that price I found…
These doilies.
Door knob plates,
And some antique hinges.
(love that detail on these decorative ones!)
Found the door knobs too!
And a few old yard sticks. 
My self imposed spending limit made the hunt more challenging and a lot more fun!  I’ve already gotten a few ideas (several from the barn sale I wrote about yesterday). 
Do you like to ‘hunt’ thru antique/junk stores and what are you looking for?  What has been your best find?


  1. love it all! would have bought all those rusty/chippy white metal pieces...


  2. You did really well, considering your $$ limit. I can't wait to see how you use your new treasures.


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