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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Baking with the Babies

Whenever we visit with the babies, we always try to find some sort of activity we can do with Little Bird and Little Hoss.  Himself is the baker of our family, so we decided to bake cupcakes with the kids. 
Not being totally crazy… we used a mix since they are so young. 
We put the mixing bowl on a chair so they could be right in the middle of it.  I broke the 2 eggs into glasses so each child could add one to the mix.  The oil I did myself.
And soon all three were stirring it up!
Next step was putting the cupcake liners in the pan. 
When it came time to fill the tin, Himself had them take turns pointing to which one he would fill next. They were filling them every which way!
Little Bird got a bit excited with the process while Little Hoss was checking out the box to see if there were any more in it.
Hot out of the oven. 
And into tummies as soon as they cooled off enough!
Yep… they sure were good!!!  And using the mix made it very easy to include the kids… even tho they are only 3years and 2 years old. 

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