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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Autumn Pilgrimage to the North

We’ve been on the road a bit lately.  Every year we head up to Minnesota and Wisconsin to visit with “The Senior Delegation”… Himself’s elderly relatives.  We enjoy going up in the fall as it is so incredibly beautiful that time of year. 
This year was no exception!
Whether the day was bright and sunny…
…or softly misty, it was lovely.
We drove down country roads lined with leaves.
Everywhere there was something beautiful; like this vine draped fence row.
Some trees were just starting to ‘blush’, while others were blazing.
So pretty!
With the leaves falling from the trees you could see what had been hidden…like this hornet nest!
This reminds me of a turkey tail.
The mums were in their glory.  I really liked these bi-colored ones. 
And pumpkins were EVERYWHERE.  I saw a lot of unusual colored ones this year… white, yellow, grey – even multi-colored.  I mailed 2 of those tiny perfect pumpkins on the top row down to the babies.
I love shopping at farm stands with ‘honor boxes’.  There are getting to be fewer and fewer of them.  Sad…
As we drove along, I’d pick up this-and-that along the way and set it on the dashboard to admire.  By the end of the trip there was a nice little still life!  (Isn’t that pumpkin the cutest little thing?!)
I really enjoy spending a part of my favorite time of year up north. 


  1. such a lovely collection of fall colors....thanx for sharing this beauty....

  2. Gorgeous! Everything looks so serene, I wish I was there. Great captures!

  3. That country road looks like something straight out of a James Taylor song. Love. I need my scarf!

  4. Whoa! That was a big hornet's nest. Love love love the picture of the mums.

  5. I enjoyed your photography very serene.

    Good job!


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