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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Time to Start Digging!

April is National Lawn and Garden Month.  April is Teri’s lawn and garden month too… as in ‘get them cleaned out!’.  After the cold and ice of this winter we have a LOT to clean out.  

There are leaves everywhere. 

I’m surprised the daffodils could push thru all of them!  Thankfully Dad let me bring home his leaf blower so that will make it a lot easier to take of them.

We’ll be spending some time working here.  Our bird garden is a hot mess.  A confession here – I didn’t do a thing to it last year.  We’re going to put in several planting beds; some will be planted in May and some will be left open for ‘orphan’ plants I find on clearance at the big box stores.

The bed along the walk needs to be finished… which means the lamb’s ear that is just coming up will be transplanted under the big bird feeder.  A little later we’ll replace a few railroad ties but not right now. 

Along the back of that bed are irises we are going to transplant to a bed that gets more sun.  They hate it where they are now.  

And my herb bed needs a lot of attention.  I don’t know if my sage and rosemary survived the extreme cold snaps we got.  The thyme has gotten leggy so I’m going to pull it out and start over.  Parsley has run its course.  I was glad to see my French tarragon is sprouting.  So I’m going to be buying a lot of herbs this year.

And this is just the front yard!  We have to clean up the back yard and patio, pick up a million sticks that have come down, set up a couple more planting beds for flowers, and get the leaf compost pile turned.
All this just to get ready for planting in May!  

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