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Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Wonderful Hostess Gift

Don't you love going out to the mail box and finding a wonderful surprise in it?

A while back we overnight hosted a friend of Himself's, her new husband, and his parents (plus their sweet kitten-cat and some fish  LOL) as they moved from Ft. Rucker, AL up to Ft Riley, Kansas.  The box was a thank you gift from the parents.

Their home is in the San Juan Islands of Washington and the gifts they picked out are all local made or grown treats.  

I wish you could smell the soaps.  They are going to spend some time in a couple of drawers before we actually use them.  The "Gardener's Scrub" has comfrey root, bay, clove, and lavender... plus pumice for the 'scrub'.  The "Ginger Root" is just that... GINGER.  

On the right are two bars of fudge.  Both are sooooo good, in fact I am munching on the Dulce de Leche as I write this.

And I assume the English walnuts are from their yard (they didn't say).  I'll come up with a special treat to use those and maybe a craft or two using the shells.

Thank you so much Dan and Linda!

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