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Friday, January 16, 2015

What's Your Decorating Style? A trio of quizzes to find out.

I was supposed to be very busy today with a Homemakers meeting... busy as in I was giving the program AND serving lunch.  But yesterday we decided to postpone until next month because the threat of snow coming in (..."they were quite glad to cancel - your hills scare them LOL"...).   

So I decided today would be a perfect chill out day to play with my creative stuff and fool around on the internet.  One of the blogs I follow did a post about decorating style quizzes.  Sounded like fun although I am absolutely certain of my personal style; what I call Boho Craftsman.

The first quiz was at Houzz. 

There are nine questions with about nine answers to pick from.  A few didn't apply to my tastes but there was usually something pretty close to 'me'.

Their results:  Midcentury modern: You love Mad Men (duh) and anything from the mid-1940s to the late ’60s. You love simple forms, clean lines, natural materials and anything Eames, Knoll, Saarinen or Noguchi. You’re outgoing, and you love cocktail parties and dressing up. You are midcentury modern.

Ummmmm... NO!  I do like some Midcentury but not a lot.  I'm an introvert who hates cocktails parties and dressing up.

This one is for your 'country style'.  So I knew it probably wasn't going to hit for me.  There were 10 questions with only 3 answers to choose from... and most didn't suit me at all. 

Their results:  40%Your style cottage

The pretty, practical look and feel of country cottage style suits your casual attitude perfectly. You are drawn to colors, fabrics, and window treatments that are light and airy. Heavy, dark colors and textures are simply not your style.

Whether you're decorating a seaside retreat or your primary residence in the city or suburbs, your country cottage style calls for elements that are feminine but not overly fussy. Florals are an important motif and are likely to turn up in window fabrics, slipcovers, or wallpaper.

When it comes to furniture, you're a big fan of painted pieces that add warmth and character. In the kitchen, a farmhouse sink, bead board, and white or light-colored cabinetry are classic cottage features that appeal to you.

One of your favorite activities: Scouring flea markets for vintage fabrics and other special finds to add just the right touch of romance to your space.

40%Your style is...eclectic country

Not one to be pigeon-holed, your country style is best described as eclectic. Your cozy, unpretentious home is proof that carefully combined elements of modern, classic, and country cottage style can coexist beautifully.

To avoid overload, start with a white or neutral-colored background before mixing in the varied furnishings and fabrics that you adore. You're certainly not afraid to take risks, so visitors to your space can expect to see creative solutions such as outdoor furniture -- perhaps a great garden table and chairs -- used inside to great effect.

And since you eschew a "matchy-matchy" feel, you're likely to layer fabrics in a pretty array of patterns including florals, checks, and stripes. The final result: Rooms that are distinctively you and filled with treasured items amassed over the years.

20%Your style is...modern country

With your yearning for simplicity and love of clean lines, you add a modern edge to classic country style. The look you aim for is not quite as casual as traditional country but it's far from sterile.

You have an appreciation for artwork -- from beautiful watercolors to handmade candlesticks and pretty pottery -- but you're very selective about what is displayed in your home. No "country clutter" for you!

Since you're likely to stick to a neutral color palette, consider playing around with splashes of color in accessories like throw pillows, or with texture, perhaps by incorporating a great sisal rug or woven baskets into your space.

You can also have fun creating an appealing juxtaposition between modern elements like a sleek coffee table or dining table and an old painted armoire or other element that speaks to the more traditional country style.

Surprise!!  It is pretty close.  Especially the eclectic country and modern country picks.  (Not into florals as in the country cottage description but other than that, it's pretty much right also.)

The final quiz was at HGTV.      

This one was the most fun.  The answers for the questions were a series of photos... up to 16 of them!  You clicked on the one most like you.  I thought this one would really pin-point my style.

Their results:  Your style is Spanish Inspired.  Hand-woven textiles, vivid colors, stout furniture grounded by earthy textures and rich history. Rustic and warm, my home is my hacienda.

"Maybe" if you pull the 'Spanish' out to good ol' basic 'ethnic'.  I like Spanish.  I also like Middle Eastern, African, India, Scotland, and and and...

Here's what I REALLY like:  (photos from Pinterest)

So... what's YOUR style?


  1. Fun quizzes and very timely! Since I had to clear everything out of my family room while the ceiling was being repaired, I've been focused on only putting back into the room what I truly love and freshening up my decor. My late husband loved antique nautical so I have lots of old ocean pictures and decor still in the room, but always figured myself for more of a traditional Country French gal. Taking the things out of the room (except for large furniture pieces) makes me realize that I miss the beach reminders that were his, and since I live near the ocean, it was no surprise really that I came out as Coastal on the houzz quiz. Teri, I came out the same as you on the BHG quiz -- just with higher percentages! 70% country cottage, 20% eclectic country, and 10% modern country. The biggest surprise was HGTV quiz which came out Crafted Simplicity. However, researching that, it suggested Arts and Crafts styling, which I can appreciate. Still feel like I'm all over the place decorating wise, but will try to blend coastal and country cottage! Thanks for suggesting these quizzes, Teri!

    1. I've been watching your 'adventures' in home repair. Oy vey! Hope everything works out SOON for you! Such a hassle.


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