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Monday, January 5, 2015

Canela Mexican Grill

Last week I noticed a new Mexican restaurant in town... and this week there was a good Groupon for it.  That definitely made it worth trying.

Since we needed to run some errands we opted to have lunch out.  Canela is located near the mall in Clarksville, which was the area we were going to be at.  We were greeted at the door and seated quickly.  (Note... if you visit - do NOT take the booth closest to the door.  You will freeze!)

The menu had a few things different from most of the Mexican restaurants we've been to in town, such as a great variety of quesadillas.  We decided to try the mushroom one which was very good.

After looking the menu over for ten minutes, Himself ordered what he always does... a beef fajita.

He said the meat was done perfectly and the portion was good.

What was interesting was the options of sides.  He ordered black beans and grilled veggies.  The veggies were freshly grilled to tender-crisp and season well.  The black beans were a nice change up from the usual refried beans.

I ordered the chimichanga, which unfortunately did not come with a selection of sides... just the regular ol' rice and refried beans.  Which were good, but I would have like to have had something different.

Different is were I was disappointed.  They have a very interesting a la carte menu but everything I asked about they were out of (about 5 items).  That is a pet peeve of mine with a restaurant.  If you are out of something, tell the diner up front.  I loathe deciding on a meal only to be told when I order that "we're out of that".

That being said, we enjoyed our meal and with the value of the Groupon, we decided to splurge on a dessert.  

Himself chose a sopapilla.

And I ordered a Tres Leches cake.  BUT... they were out of the cake.  SIGH!!

So I tried the Choco Flan.  It was delicious.  Perfect flan on top of a dense rich chocolate cake.

Overall I have mixed feelings about Canela Grill.  The food we had was quite good... but the amount of items 'not available' was irritating.  We'll give them another try in the future to see if they can overcome this issue.

Canela Mexican Grill

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