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Friday, January 9, 2015

Piano Workout

Yesterday Himself had his piano tuned as part of the preparations for an upcoming event at our house.  Our tuner, Michael Crow, is a fantastic pianist and he always plays our piano for a while once he is finished.  He loves the light springy action it has.

(For the first minute Michael plays a slow pieces... then the pace picks up rapidly!)

As you can see, we have a large piano.  In fact, it is called an upright grand.  Himself bought it from a cousin who inherited it from her mother.  It is a Bush & Lane out of Chicago, IL.  The company went out of business in the Depression as they would not sacrifice the quality of the pianos they made.  The finish is 'tiger oak' (quarter sawn oak) with ivory keys.

Isn't he great?

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  1. What talent! Loved his playing and I love your upright grand piano! It has a wonderful finish. My mother grew up with a piano and insisted, "A house isn't a home without a piano," so Dad bought her a spinet and we all took lessons. Now my sisters and I all have pianos in our homes. I actually have two pianos in my music room -- the baby grand my husband bought me and the spinet that I grew up with and inherited. Both of my daughters play and right now their apartment is too small for a piano so I'm keeping the spinet for one of them. I keep thinking we need to learn to play some duets while they are both here! ;)


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