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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Christmas 2014

I was reminded that I hadn't shown my Christmas decorations yet.  I've been so busy with 'winter' cleaning I just didn't get to it.  So... here due to popular demand (LOL) is how I decorated this year.  Or at least, mostly how I decorated.  Didn't get around to taking photos of everything either...

Christmas daytime.

It is a balsam we got at Walmart for $10 (!!!!) around the 8th of December.  It was still very fresh.  I will remember that for next year.

Tree with lights.  All of our lights are blue, then we have blue and silver garland along with silver tinsel.

A 33 or 32 year old ornament.  Made by Sis when she was just a little girl.

A six year old ornament... Little Bird's hand print.  She was 4 months old.

Ornaments from when Himself retired from the Army.

A beautiful church ornament given to us by my Mom.

An old ornament from when we were newly married.

Then we head around the room to Himself's piano.  

We have the Snoopy ornaments as a tribute to Himself's sister.  When she was sick, Charles Schulz visited her in the hospital and gave her a lot of original Snoopy gifts.

Also, who doesn't love "A Charlie Brown Christmas"?

The little ceramic Christmas tree in the picture just above was a gift from Himself's First Grade teacher on our second Christmas together.

These cute felt trees were from Mom.  They remind me of the trees that Charlie Brown looked at before he picked out 'his' tree.

A nativity on the music stand.

(I've got to get those ivories glued back on the piano!)

Fireplace decor.  

I've changed up the mantel a bit this year.  Next year there will be a large star hanging in the center.  Didn't get it made in time this year.

My nativity village. 

My little red desk holds a bit of my nativity collection...

... and the cedar chest holds even more!

This glass set is sitting on top of a Bible written in Japanese.

Coming around a little more and there is our entertainment center (hiding the TV).

We keep our cards in this basket.  The treasure chest nativity is a music box and we love the nativity cross sitting next to it.

When the wee Fairy Princess visited right before Christmas, she brought this cute metal stocking.

In our kitchen... Mother and Child.

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