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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Recovery Pitcher

Infrequently there will be a crash into one of our windows... usually by some bird who is more interested in fighting with someone than watching where they are flying.  Most bounce off with a shake of their head and a look of "Dang!  That hurt!!".

Occasionally one smacks harder than that...

Two cardinal girls had been battling all morning when we heard the dreaded BANG that means someone hit hard.  Himself headed out to check while I headed to the foyer closet for "the recovery pitcher".

He came back in with one of the girl cardinals looking woozy but not too bad.  

After about 15 minutes of recovery time...

... there was a flutter of wings and some attitudey stomps.  

We had a good laugh at her fusses and raised crest.  Then Himself took the lid off.  Another flurry of wings and she was gone...

... probably looking for that other cardinal that 'made' her hit the window!

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