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Monday, January 26, 2015

Country Ham Biscuits and a Vignette

Making baby steps towards my 2015 goal of making a beautiful life...

Yesterday was our pastor's retirement brunch.  He preached his last service that morning and the potluck meal followed.

I decided good ol' country ham biscuits would be perfect.  We had gotten a great deal on country ham at Sam's and Himself makes the BEST baking powder biscuits.  Figuring there would be a big turn-out Himself made a quadruple batch of biscuits on Saturday night.

Sunday morning we were up early to get the ham fixed up.

When I fix country ham, first I give it a light boil to get some moisture back into and to get rid of some of that salt.  Then I transfer it to a cookie sheet with a deep layer of paper towels to pull of the excess water.  From there, the ham is transferred to a frying pan with a bit of bacon grease.  I just brown it so it looks good.  Another transfer to a new paper towel lined cooling rack to pull off the oil.

Baking powder biscuits are known to shape up however they want...

Since a leaning over biscuit makes eating a country ham biscuit difficult, I have a little secret.  

I cut the top and bottom so they are even... and set aside the wedge shaped middles.  Since the middles are my favorite part I'm a happy camper!  Also they are really good used like shortbread with strawberries or peaches on top.

After that it is assembly line time!

I cut the ham to fit using scissors.  It's much faster.  Since this was for a potluck I used toothpicks to keep them together.  Tip:  I used bright blue and green toothpicks so they were easy to see.

To finish, I made a cute "country" vignette for serving.  Time to start making things look nice rather than just plopping down a plate.

The biscuits were a hit; especially with the guys.

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