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Monday, January 19, 2015

Lessons from Spring Cleaning: #3 Clean Shower Done Easy

When we remodeled our hall bathroom, we put glass tiles in the shower/tub.  They are really beautiful when they are sparkling in the light.

Unfortunately, keeping them sparkling is a full time task... especially those on the bench.  They are dulled by soap film almost immediately.  

I had seen on Pinterest many pins about making shower cleaning easy.  I was so ready to give just about anything with 'easy' in it a chance.

The next time I was out on errands I picked up the above gizmo.  You find them in the section with dish sponges.

I filled it half way with Dawn dish soap and the rest of the way with white vinegar.

Here's what you do...

Just before you finish your showering, give the tile a fast scrub. Then rinse and get out.  If you start after you do a good cleaning, it will stay clean for you.  It's that easy.  It takes me about 3 minutes.

Just be really careful because the tub becomes VERY slippery for a little bit.

It has made a huge difference in keeping the glass tiles sparkling as I like them!

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