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Friday, June 26, 2015

Cole's Forge

Himself's blacksmith meeting in May was out at the forge of his friend Cole.

I love his shop!  He's been blacksmithing for about 30 years and makes very high end stuff.  His shop is loaded with eye candy so I zipped in before the meeting started to take some photos.

Fun stuff, eh?

Then it was time to get the iron hot.

Straight out of the fire.

Look at how the heat makes an image above the glowing iron.

He keeps working the metal until it comes out just as he wants it.

In this case, a beautiful cross.

Isn't that fantastic?

Next part of the meeting is show and tell.  I'm not sure what was so interesting about that anvil but it had the guys looking hard.

Then it was time to show off the challenge pieces.  See that fork on the right?  That angle makes it PERFECT for getting steaks off the grill without frying your knuckles.  I was so over the top about it that the man who made it slipped it to Himself to give me as a present.


The last order of business is the 'iron in the hat' raffle. 

Folks bring in this or that, tickets are bought then dropped into the cup next to the item.

I won THREE things this meeting, including that jar of homemade salsa you can see on the table.

Then it is time to stand around and visit.

The guys talk about guy things...

...and the girls talk about interesting stuff!

Til next time!

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