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Monday, June 8, 2015

Nashville Farmer's Market in Late May

After our earlier mentioned visit to Gardens of Babylon, we then walked over to the pavilion that houses the actual marketplace.  It's still early in the season but there were several unique vendors there.

In a few weeks it will be packed in here.

One of the first stands we visited with was the family owned cheesery out of Russellville, Ky.

They produce some very nice Gouda cheeses... a mild slightly aged plain, a stronger aged, then two flavored one; jalapeno and chipolte.

A package of the chipolte came home with us! 

A little bit about them.

We do try to buy from local farmers when we can.

Sure makes me hungry for some grilled squash!

Here's another unique vendor we found.

Fresh mushrooms!

Oyster mushrooms - some of the prettiest I've seen.


And Lion's Mane.  I don't even know what to do with these but I'd love to find out!

They had some pretty lettuces.

But this was my favorite booth.

They had the most incredible greens. 

I am SO going back and loading up on some greens.  Their prices were way better than the local grocery stores, and the produce looked beautiful.

I'm looking forward to adding fresh produce back into our meals.  It's the best thing about summer!

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