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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Doodle Style

Last week I decided I was tired of my Bible case.  Not its function... in that way it was perfect.  But it was sooooo boring.

Bleh from the front...

... and bleh from the back.  

Though my photo-bombing kitten is a distinct improvement!  LOL

Then an idea came to me as I was getting ready for church.  I doodle as it helps me to focus on the lesson (otherwise my monkey mind wanders no matter how interesting the subject).  Instead of drawing on an index card as I usually do, why not work on my Bible case with a Sharpie?

So I did!

Nothing like a bit of ink to bring in some style!


  1. You constantly amaze me with all the things you do! I tried that doodling or Zengle or whatever it is called and it looked didn't bother doing it again. Looks great when others do it ;-)

  2. Oh this looks amazing! Thanks for entering the Make Things! challenge! :)


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