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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wisp In The Wind aka Woolly Aphid

Himself and I just finished cleaning up the back of our shed.  It was a mess because where better to drop stuff you use in the yard?  No one sees it, right?

Maybe so, but it had gotten on my last nerve.

Anyway, while I was taking a break and waiting for Himself to get to a point where he needed my help, I was watching the Cottonwood fluff float around.  Living so near the river we have a lot of Cottonwood.

One bit of fluff was floating down near me and I watched how the breeze pushed it around in the air.  Then all of a sudden that fluff made a 90* turn and headed straight towards a plant!

This of course had to be investigated!

It wasn't Cottonwood after all but was some sort of bug!

It looked like some sort of 'baby fairy'.

A Google search for "white fuzzy flying bug" solved our mystery.

Not a fairy baby (darn!)... it is a 'woolly aphid'.  What I read said not to worry about them as ladybugs generally keep the populations under control.  Since we have a ba-zillion ladybugs around here those little wisps on the wind don't have a chance.

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