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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Music City Cat Fanciers Show

This last weekend Himself and I headed down to Nashville to see the TICA cat show being held at the Fairgrounds.  You may not know that we used to raise CFA show cats (Ocicats) about 20 years ago.  But anyway, we wanted to see the exotic cats that CFA doesn't allow... such as Bengals.

And see them we did!  Isn't this baby beautiful?  

This 'clouded' pattern has developed since we left showing.  I really like it!

Here's a couple of cats having a good time destroying their ring numbers.  LOL

A lovely 'chocolate' (actually I'm not sure what that brown is called in Bengal... in Ocicat it is chocolate).

A 'silver'.  They've always been my favorite.

Of course there were more than Bengals at the show!  Most of my favorite breeds were in attendance.

There were Cornish Rexes.


Siamese too.

And even a cousin of Grumpy Cat!  LOL

It was so much fun to be back in the show hall again, I asked the show club's (Music City Cat Fanciers) president if they were looking for members who were not and will not be breeders and/or exhibitors and know nothing about TICA but who enjoy cat shows and like working on them.  I got a huge YES.

Looks like we'll be working on a cat show next summer!

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