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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Travel Theme: Off Center

I have found a lovely travel blog that hosts a monthly photo theme challenge.  What a great way to share some of my travel photos!  This month's theme was to show photos that the subject is off center.  I thought this would be an easy on for me to find, but I've discovered I like to take photos that fill the space.

This (pretty?) boy was strutting his stuff somewhere along the Natchez Trace.  I think we were in Alabama.  Himself and I pulled over and watched the competition; there were about 15 tom turkeys in the field.  They were still going at it strong when we pulled out.

I took this shot at "The Shack-Up Inn" in Clarksdale, MS.  Himself and I spent several nights at this awesome get-away.  The artfull vibe of this place is incredible.  We'd wake each morning to blues and jazz musicians jamming in the 'front yard'.  I can't wait to go back someday and spend more time.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Shiloh National Military Park:  Tennessee.
A monument in the park.

Somewhere in Mississippi.
Some of the most beautiful and meanest looking thistles I have ever seen!

Budapest, Hungary:  Gellert Hill
Himself looking at the city.  We were in Budapest for almost two weeks, exploring a different area each day.



Adak, Alaska
A Bering Sea fishing boat.

Masai Mara, Kenya
A fuzzy little zebra colt we saw on our safari.  I didn't know that the stripes on a zebra foal are brown and as he gets older they shed into the dark stripes of their parents.

Everglades, Florida

Masai Mara, Kenya
One of the three balloons in our group.  We flew over wildebeests and zebra starting The Great Migration to Tanzania.  After a nice long ride, we set down for a brunch on the Mara.

Mother and daughter heading down the street in the beautiful cloth woven by her people.  I brought home several pieces.

A rare visit of a Bald Eagle near my parents home.

Donnybrook, North Dakota
The barn on Himself's uncle's farm.  I envy that rock pile 'out back' and have brought many a stone home from our visits.

I hope you've enjoyed my photographs from here, there, and everywhere!

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  1.'ve been EVERYWHERE!!! Loved seeing your photos!! I don't think to take photos off center, either.


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