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Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Gardens of Babylon at the Nashville Farmer's Market

There's one place I know I can find about any garden plant I want... The Garden of Babylon at the Nashville Farmer's Market.  My latest trip was to pick up some FRENCH tarragon... not that Mexican 'tarragon' being sold at all the big-box stores (which BTW, is NOT tarragon at all).

They are located on the south end of the Farmer's Market.  Just look for the bright pink sun cover... which looks kinda cool from the outside but is awful when you are under it.  It changes up the colors of the plants and merchandise.  And I found it a bit disorienting too.  It was a strange feeling and I spent as much time as possible out from under it.

I found my tarragon, then started looking around at all the fun plants.

Like artichokes!

Surely I can grow those... my yard is FULL of thistles...

Lemon grass.  It smells so good!

Fennel.  I might get some next trip.  The black swallowtails love it for their caterpillars.  And there is usually enough from us to have some too.



Mexican limes.  I was hoping to find Kaffir limes for Thai recipes.  I'll look a little more next visit.

Dill... I think...

They also have a great selection of flowers.

Don't know many names but they are all beautiful.

There's a nice selection of landscaping pots.

Loved these metallic ones!

These were great too.

There is a section of fun 'Mexican' style garden decorations.

And I really like these fun patio furniture pieces.

I do recommend a visit as there is so much more to look at than I have shown!

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