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Friday, September 4, 2015

Beading with Little Fingers

This last trip up to see the kids, Little Bird requested I bring my jewelry supplies... she wanted to make a necklace.

No problem!  I keep a stash of inexpensive beads... some from hobby store clearances, some from cheap jewelry at yard sales, and so on... just for times like this.

I dumped them out in a cake pan for picking through.  Pretty soon creativity was happening!  The wash clothes kept the beads from rolling all over the place... mostly...

All I did with the project was to do the setting of the findings.  

Little Bird's necklace.  

A fun note... most of the large beads came from a belt Sis had years ago.  It broke and there really wasn't any way to fix it, so it became mine.  Never dreamed I'd be making jewelry with her children using those beads!

And one more...

"Somebody" wasn't about to get left out!

(I need to get some more macho looking beads in my stash!!)

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