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Monday, September 14, 2015

Thanks for the Blessing of Autumn

For the last two nights we've slept with the windows open!  That is all it takes to get me in the mood for autumn!  Out came the autumn boxes!

First place to be decorated was my fireplace.

I already knew that this year I wanted it to be all about being thankful for our so many blessings.

I started on top with the mantel.

My little step stool is perfect for my littlest pumpkins.  

The framed piece reads: "Greet each day with thanks.  In all things give thanks.  Give thanks for many blessings for all they are the best gifts you can receive."

Our incredible copper art is from Tanzania.  We love the lady reading her Bible next to the fire.

The tool box I recently made over stuffed with silk mums.

And here is our hearth.

More pumpkins.  I love pumpkins!  The Pilgrims giving thanks on this pumpkin is so special.

The the wording on the angel is "Give thanks to Your Holy Name".

OK autumn!  I'm ready to give thanks for you!

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  1. It feels like summer again here, but your post inspired me to get out a couple of fall decorations this afternoon.


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