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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Juan and Conchita

After our cruise stop in Aruba, we headed on to Cartagena, Columbia.  This time we didn't take a ship tour; instead we opted to hire a taxi for the day.  It was a fabulous choice!  Alfonso showed us all the sites we knew we wanted to see, then a few of his favorite places (always a good thing to ask a private tour person... what do you love about this area).

The souvenir Himself was after here and everywhere along our cruise route was coffee.  So Alfonso took us to a nice coffee shop that made Himself very happy.  I, being a non-coffee drinker, was just happy that he was happy.  There wasn't anything that brought a smile to my face...

... until ...

I saw this wee Juan and Conchita!

Is this not the perfect trinket for our visit to Columbia?

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