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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Travel Theme: Dogs (The Angriest Dog in Scotland)

September 30, 2011 was a dreary rainy day on the island of Skye.  A driech day they call it.  The reason Scotland is so green.

We stopped at the museum home of the Scottish giant Angus MacAskill, and the gentleman who keeps the place came down from his house to let us in.

And his old Border Collie came with him... probably from his comfy bed in front of a warm fire.

We looked and visited for quite a while, to the sound of collie sighs.

When it was time to go and we said our good-byes was the first time the dog looked happy.  He headed straight away up through the rain to the front door.... until...

...Himself decided I needed to take a photo of the museum keeper...

... and his dog.

Mister happily called his faithful dog down for the photo op.

Dog was angry...

...very, very angry!

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