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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Shall We Gather By The River...

.... for the best Southern fish fry ever?

For the Labor Day weekend our Sunday School class had a pot luck supper at the Cheatham Dam campground.

It's a lovely campground right on the Cumberland River.

The pavilion sets above the camping area.  The grounds were super clean, as were the 'facilities'.

When we arrived the fish were already frying.

The little jewel made coating the fish so easy.

At 310*F they cooked quickly and perfectly.

Bill and Sherry supplied the entire class with delicious crappie (pronounced CROP-EE).  It's a type of perch considered by many to be the best fresh water fish.

Perfect, just perfect.

They fixed up the hush puppies too.

Or 'hush husbands' as I prefer to call them!  LOL

OK folks, this is a 100% pure Southern pot luck going down here!

From Right to Left:
Grilled bologna (plain and spicy), corn bread and corn cakes, a big ol' mess of greens (with hot vinegar to dress it), slaw, couple pots of white beans, cucumbers & onions, mac & cheese casserole, corn on the cob, hash browns... then finally the dessert area.  Sweet tea to wash it down.

I have excellent willpower... except when it comes to a church pot luck... especially a fish fry pot luck.

Time to eat!

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