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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Home Tour: Hall Bathroom

Our first 'remodel' in our home was the hall bathroom.  We decided to start here because this is the room EVERYONE uses and it was an eyesore (as you'll see in the 'before' photo at the end).

Its long and narrow profile made it a challenge to work in the features we wanted but it worked out for us.

There was so much wasted space between the toilet and the tub that we put a large bench along the entire back wall.  It is about two feet deep, which we love.  The left side has 4 niches and we had two very strong grab bars installed on both sides.

The vanity is a repurposed sofa table.  It's taller than the average vanity... exactly what I was looking for.

On the back of the toilet I set a bowl to hold wash clothes (the linen closet is in the hallway...).

Our trash can - a chamber pot from Himself's uncle's estate sale.  Herb would have gotten a kick out of this!

A closer look at the shelf.  The vase was a gift from Himself's cousin, who was 104 at the time he gave it to use.  It had been his late wife's.  It is Red Wing pottery and the town of Red Wing is just up the road from his cousin's home.  For a visual pun I put the little cardinal next to it.  ;-)  

Back over the the sink area.

LOVE this faucet!  We found it at at a great price.  Kids get such a huge kick out of it (and so do some big kids!).

With the open vanity I had to figure out how to store things.  These three baskets from Home Goods did the trick.  The stained glass cross was a gift from my parents and hides the drain pipe.

The opposite wall showcases a beautiful wall hanging from Kyrgyzstan.  It was a gift from my sister in law.  I'll have to get her to tell me about it and do a separate post on it.

Yes, it absolutely is!

Now prepare yourself for the "BEFORE" bathroom...


TDC Before and After


  1. Wow! You really gave your bathroom character! I love how you incorporated heirlooms throughout. The sink and faucet are unique and beautiful, Teri!

    1. Thanks! We had to sent our contractor over to a local restaurant that has waterfall sinks so he could look over how they worked. LOL


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