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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Bosnia Memories in Watercolor

While we were in Bosnia in 2003, we were invited into the studio of watercolor artist Camil.  We spent a delightful afternoon visiting over strong Bosnian coffee (Himself) and hot tea (me).  

Camil pulled out painting after painting, telling us about the details... all the feelings he had poured into them.  It was so fascinating.

As the afternoon ended and it was time to head back to our host's home for dinner, Camil pointed to a very large stack of paintings we'd just been looking at.  He told us to pick one as a gift for a wonderful visit.

Oh my goodness!

Himself and I looked thru them so carefully, he picked the one he liked best and I did likewise.  As we laid the two next to each other so we could decide which one we would take home, Camil gave a laugh and said we must take BOTH! 


Because we loved them so much. 

My pick.

Trees along a stream in the autumn.  I can just imagine spreading out a blanket for a picnic there.

Himself's pick.

This scene a of a farmstead reminded him of a friend's farm he had visited earlier.  That yellow area to the bottom right of the tree is a hay stack.

(You can click on the photos to enlarge them).

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