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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Chipped Off

Miss Persia did NOT have a good day today.  We made a trip into town so she could be microchipped.

The PetCo pet store hosts a monthly mobile vet clinic and the prices are really good.  VIP Pet Care does not come to just PetCo.  Right before they arrived here, they were at a local Tractor Supply Store.  Check the web site to see if they are in your area.

Do you see that microchipping for $15!!

Since she travels with us it was a must that she be chipped.  She just turned 8 months old so it was time.

She's up on all her shots, but I'll be back with her in May.

The process was fairly easy.  

We showed up at the pet store and I took my place in line while Himself took Persia to another part of the store.  The line was full of idiots with their undisciplined dogs and we were truly concerned that one or more would go after her!  (This was the only bad part of our experience which had nothing to do with VIP Pet Care.)

Once it was my turn, a young lady took my info then I went to another station to pay my $15.  From there we walked to the back of the store where we were seen straight away.  The ladies in the photo were fast, efficient, and very gentle with Persia.

We'll now baby Persia for a few days while she gets over the soreness in her shoulders.  (It is such a big needle for a little kitty!)

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