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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Need a Compass?

Our first stop on our trans-Panama Canal cruise in 2008 was the island of Aruba.

After our wee snorkeling adventure, we were dropped off at a beach area to get lunch and do a bit of shopping.  Shopping wasn't much of an adventure at all.  The promised 'wonderful' shops were filled with no-so-cheap cheap tourist junk manufactured by the billions... the stuff you see that is all the same just with different locale names printed on it.

I had given up finding anything authentic and we were headed down to the beach to kill the rest of our time there.  And it was on the edge of the beach I saw them...

... local artists selling awesome stuff!

And there I found my Aruba trinket.  A small painting of the famous Divi divi trees of Aruba.  They are so twisted by the trade winds that they look like perfect bonsai and always are leaning to the southwest.

I've framed it up and it hangs in our bedroom with our other beach art (and it is the only beach art I have that features a warm sandy beach).

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  1. Lovely! Art is another thing I love to collect if it is of something I have seen. I seem to be hearing of Aruba a lot lately! maybe it is a sign!


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