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Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Creamery in Hart, MN

As we drove along a country road on our way home from Minnesota, we passed by this awesome abandoned building...

Himself turned around so we could see better.  Look at all those beautiful details!

We drove up next to it so I could take some photos.

It was the Hart, MN creamery.  As you can see, it was built in 1918.

The front door.  The half circle window is an elegant touch.

And look at the light fixtures!  Oh my!  I can't believe they are still there.

Look up at the weather vane.  There were three on the building.  I really like the decorative pieces at the tops of the columns too.

Even the brick is unusual.

But I think one of my favorite things about this old building are the little window panes in the dormers.  I've never seen such.

It must have been a really incredible building in its working days.  Such a shame the way it is now.

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