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Monday, November 2, 2015

Home Tour: The Guest Bedroom

This month's home tour is our guest bedroom.  It is a tiny room so I don't have much to work with.  I've been tweaking it a bit, and I'm happy with it (for now ~wink~).  

We also use the room's closet for storage since we don't have all that many overnight visitors.  Easy enough to move a few things out during those visits.

Even tho the room is small, we have put a king size bed in it.  A comfy night's sleep is more important than have room to dance.  There are 5 pillows, each different so guests can pick the most comfortable for them. Both sides of the bed have lamps.  

There are nightstands on both sides of the bed too.  (I move the roses out when company is here so there is more space).

This is all the space from the foot of the bed to the wall!  A chair gives our guests someplace to sit or to set some of their things.  The shelf is a good place to charge their phones.

We took off the closet doors because they ate up usable space.  They were replaced with curtains.  It gives the tiny room so much more working area.  Inside the closet is a wire organizing system, so there is a lot of storage area our guests can use.

Same layout but not quite so comfy looking.

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  1. Now, we just have to get back to Looks great!!!


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