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Friday, November 6, 2015

A Trip to Paducah: Quilt Museum and the River Flood Wall Murals

We recently had a friend from North Dakota come down for a visit.  One of our excursions was a trip up to Paducah, Kentucky.  The main object of the visit was to go to the National Quilt Museum.

It was fantastic!  The quilts here aren't your grandmother's bed quilts.  No, these are magnificent works of fabric art.  Unfortunately, "No Photography" was the much stated rule.  So if you'd like to see more, you'll have to go to the web site:

They do have a museum catalog available at the gift shop...

However, in the room we waited for our tour (which I recommend), there was this special 'quilt' that you could take a photo of.

This is why it is special!

A cross section so you can see it really is made of wood.

After spending several hours in total amazement, we headed a few blocks over to enjoy the murals on the flood wall.  Paducah is built along the Ohio River.

The beginning of the murals.

Each one is a bit of Paducah history.

You almost felt the cold looking at this one.

Love this one of a tug boat Captain's view of the river!

The nearby lock and dam.

Civil War history.

Local history.

And really local history!

We had a picnic at a park at the end of the flood wall.  Lovely place with the river right there next to us.  

There was so much more to see that we have made plans to come back and stay the night (Paducah is an hour and a half drive from The Sticks).

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