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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Get Organized! Cards

As I go through the piles of boxes I stuffed in the garage when I started my studio makeover, I am finding cards... and cards... and cards...

Note cards.

Birthday cards.

Thank you cards.

Even boxes of Christmas cards (I can check that item off my December list!)

Yesterday was a lazy morning, so I grabbed a cup of hot tea, all the cards I have been finding, and two organizing boxes.  It was time to deal with this mess!

Box One.

A nice wooden box picked up at Goodwill.

Then I sorted through the blank/note cards.  Some were matching sets, some were sets with different covers.

And a whole bunch of them were miscellaneous cards picked up over the years just because I liked them.

Got them all organized and all the note cards went into the front of the box.  Those Christmas cards went in the back.

Box Two.

A box for greeting cards.  I think I got it at Hallmark years ago.

There are tabbed dividers for type of cards...

... and tabbed dividers for each month.

More sorting as 'type' cards went into their own area.  The 'month' dividers are for holidays or cards for specific events/birthdays.

Filled up and ready to go.  Now there is no excuse for not having a card when it's needed!

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  1. Oh my gosh, that first box is almost identical to one I have that I have recipes in. I used dividers and made categories for all of my different loose recipes. I use it all the time. But, your idea for cards is great, too!! I have my cards sorted by theme, too, but because I am a demonstrator, I make tons of I store them in sterilite boxes and have the event/holiday/occasion on the front of those boxes. Good for you in getting yet another thing checked off your list!!!


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