Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Travel Trinket: Panama Canal

Seven years ago this month, Himself and I were cruising along in the Panama Canal.  It was a straight through trip, unfortunately with no excursions.  So how does one get a travel trinket when there is no place to get one?

You make it!

One of the activities the ship offered was a time to make a poster and at a certain lock the ship's photographers would take photos of passengers and their poster.

Of course I was all about that!

The above photograph is our travel trinket of our trip through the canal.  

Isn't the frame I found at TJ Maxx just perfect for it?  I love how it lines up the photo with the canal on the world map.

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  1. Yes! A trinket doesn't have to be bought! It's all about the memories! The Panama Canal is something I would love to see and do one day. Good to have you back!


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