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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Trip to 'Minnesota's Largest Candy Store'

Recently we dropped in to do a bit of shopping at "Minnesota's Largest Candy Store".   It more likely should read - Largest Junk Food Store-!

The Tardis landed right where we wanted to... 

but I should have aimed for a drier day!

You begin and end your shopping daze at this huge display of sodas.  This is NOT all of them, more like about 25% of them.  You truly cannot imagine all the different flavors.  For example, I picked up two bottle of "Mint Julep" soda for next May.  

Want to try bacon soda?  You're at the right place.

Soon you're down in the old fashioned candy area.  There were probably 50 different types of taffy.

Care for a 5 pound Gummi Bear?

Licorice of every type, kind, and flavor.

One aisle had only candy in tins.  Picked up a couple of cute ones for the kids Christmas.

Are you a bacon fiend?  There's bacon candy...

... and bacon everything else.  

Bacon mustard anyone?

Or maybe your tastes are more for the hotter things in life.

THAT is just mean!

For some reason, they also have hundreds of puzzles for sale.

Towards the back of the store, things got a bit bad...


Then Himself found these.

I thought it was bad enough until I hit this area...

... and bad rolled right over into disgusting.

As I stood there looking in amazement, a lady next to me kept muttering, "That is just so wrong!  What are they thinking?  It's so WRONG!"

Yes, you are seeing it right.

Salt and Vinegar Crickets

Cheddar Cheese Meal Worms

Ant candy glass.

And a honey bee sucker.

At that point I took my slightly nauseous self over to the check out.

I'll drop in again sometime!

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