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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Quick Trip to Minnesota

The main reason for my October blog break was our annual "Pilgrimage" to Minnesota to see Himself's elderly relatives.  This is our 10th year doing so, such a bittersweet trip.

Traveling to Minnesota is always a beautiful get-away.  Autumn is in full swing and done so right.

Along the way we drive along the Great River Road that edges the Mississippi River.

We pass lovely marshes decked out in rich colors of brown and gold and rust.

I try very hard not to be jealous of the rich black soil.  Here in Tennessee the only way we can have dirt like that is to buy it by the bag or truck load.

I have a serious thing going about birch trees.

They just make me happy.

We traveled through many small towns, each with its own charm.

This town had all it's light post decorated with corn shocks and pumpkins.  Just darling.

There were even granite straw bales!

Too cute.

What about Persia?  She came along with us!

We were a bit worried about how she would take the traveling but she acted like she was an old hand (or paw) at it.  Every place we stayed allowed pets and she had her own travel size cage spend the night in.

Her only complaint?  Having to wear her collar all the time.

So now we are back home in Tennessee, enjoying the last of our Southern autumn and preparing for the coming of the holidays.  It's good to travel... and it is great to be home.

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