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Monday, April 11, 2016

Become a Photo Journalist

I have always liked the idea of journaling.  But I am really miserable at keeping any sort of daily diary or doing one of those 'photo a day' challenges.

Oh well.

But then an idea came to me as I was working on a 'speed photo-scrapbook' of one of our trips.

I use these lovely albums from Home Goods for my travel albums.  They hold 500 photos... which comes out to 48 double page spreads.  Hmmm... there are 52 weeks in a year.  And I usually don't completely fill an album and have extra blank pages.


I could do a WEEKLY photo journal!

I keep the top left vertical pocket for my very simple journaling.  The other nine photo slots are for whatever I want to remember from that week.  I print my own photos but it would be easy to do a weekly download to your favorite photo lab.

The 4X6 pockets are also good for holding small memorabilia such as my number from my 5K and the blessed water cup from the half way point.  Just remember it can't be bulky because that will tear up the album so you might have to do some trimming or just use part of something.  I have included tickets, church bulletins, take-away menu sections, and so on.

I have plenty of extra blank pages so I can do 52 double page spreads.  You could also buy an extra album to use as a 'donor' for extra pages.

It is working very well for me.  I started my first one in January 2015 and made it all the way thru the year (which is a record for me).  Now in '16 it has become an easy habit.

If you aren't a steady journaler, this might be a good option for you.  (It would be a great idea to do for your kids!)

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