Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Rice Box Restaurant in Clarksville

We don't often get over to the SW side of Clarksville so we don't really know the restaurants over there.  The other day we had some business to do on that side of town and we were hungry.  So we decided to try a new Asian restaurant.

It is located in a strip mall and frankly didn't look that promising from the outside.

We were quite surprised when we came inside.

Very nice!

There was a small sushi bar too.

We ordered off the menu.

Our meals came with a choice of soup.  Himself had wonton and I picked hot & sour.  Both were good, tho mine could have had a bit more heat.

I had Orange Chicken.  It came with rice (fried or white) and a spring roll.  Very tasty but again there could have been more heat (it is marked at one of their 'spicy' dishes).

Himself ordered Triple Delight with brown sauce.

Both dishes were very tasty.

And as you can see from their menu, the prices are quite reasonable.  Portion sizes were just right.

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  1. In my opinion, most dishes advertised as "hot" on Chinese menus are not. That probably says more about my taste buds than anything else.


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