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Monday, April 25, 2016

"Lessons from The Quilt" by Bev Blackard... and illustrated by ME!

I can finally talk about a project that I worked on at the beginning of the year.  My friend Bev (aka Mama Nick) has published a Christian inspirational book and she asked me to do the photography for it.  "Lessons from The Quilt" is a delightful book that would be enjoyed so much by quilters, as well as those who like gentle inspirational stories.

The publishing company used a tight close up of her quilt for the cover.

A little bit about the book and Bev...

I think it is a lovely idea for a priceless heirloom.

Bev shares her thoughts as she went through the creative process of designing her heirloom.

And also her thoughts about the Lord and how He is so like a quilter as He shapes and designs our lives.

Not only did I do the photography of Bev's items, many of my personal photos are used to illustrate the text.  SO cool to see them in a book!

It can be ordered through Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, or you can do a Google search to make an order.

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