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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Travel Trinket: A Winning Necklace

In 2002 Mom and I did a trip down the Natchez Trace.  We left on my birthday... which is in JULY.  Oh it was hot!  (Note to self:  next time do a Southern road trip in the Spring or Autumn.)

In spite of the heat...and the humidity...and the bugs we had a fantastic time.

Our first 'rule' was if either of us wanted to stop, we stopped.  There was no schedule.  When we were tired for the day, we found the nearest hotel and left when we felt like it the next morning.

Once we made it to Natchez we found the best hotel deal was at the Isle of Capri casino hotel.  We got 3 nights cheaply, free breakfasts, tons of coupons for Natchez attractions, and each a $20 voucher to spend at the casino.

Well alrighty then!

We had a blast.  Toured all around Natchez in the day, headed across the road to the casino in the evening for a cheap casino supper, and put our voucher to work.  I put my tokens in one cup and headed over to the .50c slots.  All winnings went into my second cup.

By the end of our time in Natchez I had my $20 back and enough 'coin' to buy myself a trinket I had admired at a shop earlier in our visit...

I smile every time I wear it, remembering a great Mother/Daughter trip.

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