Sunday, April 17, 2016

B's Cheesecakes... Oh My!

Clarksville people... you have a dessert jewel in your midst!

The other day we were running errands when I saw a storefront sign that said 'CHEESECAKE'.  Of course we had to stop.

What a lovely sight to behold!

That day's menu selections.

Seriously... how do you pick just one?

It was a tough job but we got it done...

Himself:  Beachaven Blackberry
(Beachaven is a local winery.  The blackberries used for this one are cooked down in Beachaven Blackberry wine.)

Teri:  Caramel Pecan Praline

There are a few tables in the cute little shop, so we enjoyed there.  All the other customers who came in while we were there (and it was a good number) took their cheesecakes as takeaway.

Himself is in agreement with this statement.

The sign that turned us around!

For you Clarksvillians... this is where it is located.

Everyone else... here's the address.

I highly recommend a visit.

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