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Friday, April 15, 2016

Gone With The Wind

With the coming of Spring we have been experiencing some fairly heavy storms with blustery winds.  But the other evening the wind went past blustery into down-right scary.

Next morning we saw the results...

So happy my bamboo didn't get smashed!

This snag finally came down... saves us from cutting it down.

This was our surprise... didn't even know it was going bad.

It took out a healthy tree on the way down.

Hmmmm...  I need to get out there and harvest some bark for basket weavings!

We had a lot of smaller branches to add to our brush pile.  Irritating because just the week before we had picked up a lot of limbs/sticks for our first mowing of the year.  Yep, mowing starts in late March in Tennessee.
(Our yard man will put the forks on his tractor and move it near our fire pit.)

I hope this is the last of the blowy storms...tho I doubt it.

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