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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Our Own Jurassic Park

The other morning I was sitting at my computer when I saw movement in the driveway.  SomeTHING was marching up the drive.

I called to Himself to come quick and see!

A dinosaur!!

With that hooked beak, maybe it is a small Nasutoceratops.

It had a keeled tail.  Maybe it is some sort of stegosaurus...

But those claws kind of remind me of a velociraptor.  Wicked!

Nah, it wasn't any of those.  It's a modern dinosaur... a very cranky snapping turtle.

Must have come up from the river.  We're guessing it is 'she'.  And she was probably looking for a place to lay eggs.

She wasn't appreciative of our efforts to get a better look.

And she wasn't about to let us turn her over.

Pretty soon she had fire in her blood...

...and a target of wrath in her eye.

That would be me!

She was so done with us.  It was time to chase us down and kill us!

We retreated.  That girl was SERIOUS!

When we carefully came out about 20 minutes later she was gone without a trace.

Heaven help us when her ornery little clutch of eggs hatch and head down to the river!

1 comment:

  1. I bet if it WAS a female her maternal instinct had kicked in--no way was she going to let you mess with the potential babies she was carrying.


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