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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

To 'Run as One'

On Saturday I walked 2.2 miles for a very special reason.  

I walked "as one" as a member of Team Red, White, and Blue (, which in turn was walking with Team Rubicon ( and The Mission Continues ( ).

People were running and walking all over the US, probably all over the world.

We went past 22 of these signs.

It is said that every day approximately twenty two veterans commit suicide.  Pretty much think of it this way; every time you hear a clock chime the hour (actually about every 65 miutes) a veteran dies by his/her own hand.

We were walking in memory of Marine Clay Hunt and many others.  We were walking in honor of nameless Vets who are struggling with PTS, depression, and injuries of war.

Some were out there who are in the struggle.

We walked to remember and to raise funds for programs to try to help our vets.

We gathered and prayed.

And then we ran and walked.

The trail was suitable for runners (some who did the route several times) and for walkers; including those who brought their families and dogs.

It was a beautiful day.

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