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Friday, July 15, 2016

61st Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

After 31 years I was back on Grandfather Mountain listening to the music of bagpipes.

"Come on Husband!  Things are happening and I'm missing them!"

At the entrance gate to The Games.  That's my MacFie tartan scarf I'm wearing.

Himself and U.B. swapping hats.

The row of clan tents... now to find my clan.

There it is!

Davie... this one is for you!

Sheep dog demo.  He also herded some ducks.

Caber tossing in the amateur event.

We went to the Games on Friday, which is the slow day.  The crowds have gotten tremendous in the last 30 years and none of us wanted to deal with that.  So we didn't get to see 'the big boys' at play.

22 pound hammer throw.

Women have gotten into the act too.

Wonder if he was competing in anything?


I spent a lot of time in the 'Celtic Grove' listening to music.  Harpist William Jackson was one of the perfomers.

For fun, I took a lesson on a bagpipe chanter (the fingering part of the bag pipes).  It was challenging.  Of course I had to bring a chanter home with me!

One of the fun things is visiting the vendors.  Lots of eye candy to browse.

There were many food tents.  This bakery was really good... best shortbread ever.  I got to lunch on haggis and Scotch Egg with 'chips' (fries).  Also offered were meat pies, bridies, and fish & chips.

It was a really good day!

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