Monday, July 25, 2016

Life Without TV

I had an interesting snippet of conversation last weekend.  I was the bonsai show and someone I didn't know starting chatting with me.  She made a comment about a TV show and asked me if I loved it.   Hmmmm...  I had no idea what she was talking about so I politely told her I didn't know that show because I don't watch TV programming, just an occasional pay-per-view movie date night.

I guess she didn't believe me, as she pressed that "surely" I watched some series or another.


Then she asked, "Well, what do you do while the rest of us are watching TV in the evenings?"  I wasn't sure if she was being snarky or if she seriously was curious... so I answered seriously.

"I work on my bonsai, make terrariums and dish gardens, shoot photos and make photo albums, blog, create jewelry, cook new recipes, organize..."

She looked at me like Bambi in the headlights before walking away.

Which got me to thinking about what I really DO instead of TV, tweeting, and surfing the Internet (tho admittedly I do spend some time on the 'net, mainly gathering ideas and recipes).  Here's what I came up with that are regular activities for me:

Work on my bonsai, terrariums, & plants
Work on my photos, photo books, & albums
Landscape my yard
Do room/area makeovers
Write letters to friends & pen pals
Work on a devotional book I'm writing
Create mixed media, assemblage, & altered pieces
Work on/in my studio
Play with Persia
Create new recipes
Blog (like this!)
Make jewelry
Write haiku
Learn something new/take classes
Work on textile projects
Plan my next trip
Shoot photos
Organize something
Bible study
Work on Extension Homemaker stuff (since I am President...)
Do genealogy research
Grow & use herbs
Have conversations!

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