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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Teri's Tours and B&B

Recently we had the pleasure of having Himself's oldest brother (Bro 1) come to The Sticks for a nice long visit.  It's been 11 years since they have seen each other and we wanted to show him a good time while he visited.  Like me, he loves seeing new things and learning.

Well alrighty then!

We did a 'hypertufa' plant pot class (more on that in another post).  Bro 1 made 2 nice pots that I will ship up to him once they have cured.

And Himself arranged a black smith lesson with one of his friends from the Possum Trot Forge.

He also enjoys history so we visited the Jefferson Davis (President of the Confederacy) Monument.

See them right above the word "Jefferson"?

Plus we did another Confederate stop at Ft. Defiance in Clarksville.  The city has a very nice museum and grounds that are free to visit.

We all like genealogy so we visited Greenwood cemetery in Clarksville.

Bro 1 has a degree in horticulture, all things 'plant' interest him.  That was an easy to accommodate!

One of our excursions was out to the Amish produce auction and around to various farm stands.

My favorite farm stand was prepping onions for storage.

A look around a nice garden center.

Checking out burley tobacco in a friend's field.

"If you build it...they will come..."
(Field of Dreams)

In a friend's black bamboo grove.

He also has a taste for good chocolate, so we did a factory tour at Olive & Sinclair artisan chocolate makers.

Enjoying an appetizer of tahdig (crispy rice) at our favorite Persian restaurant.  I also had a blast cooking favorite recipes... Beef Stroganoff, black beans & rice, Chicken Rolade, and Rosemary Thyme marinated steaks.

And of course there was a lot of just sitting on the couch visiting, looking at family photos, and sharing of our home.  It was a great visit and we're looking forward to him coming back.

But alas...there were two things that Northerner did not like about The South:

The insane humidity.


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