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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Girl's Day Out in Asheville, NC

This past weekend we were in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina visiting friends who live near Asheville.   We had a very full 3 days of visiting (plus the 2 days getting there and home).  

Yep... it was nice to wake up to this view each morning!

One of our days there was 'chick day' for my 'Fashionista' friend and me.  Husbands stayed home to work on some projects.

The architecture of downtown Asheville is fabulous.  I'd love to go down one day on an early Sunday morning and take a bunch of building shots.

The building this carving was on was lined with such.

Building looking was nice but we had business to get to...the business of serious shopping!

Loved this little retro style store.  There were old things and reproductions.

It's called "Rock Doll Vintage" (  

The Fashionista looking over some fun pieces of clothing.

This next shop had really fun upcycled items.  I forgot the name but it is only a block from Pritchard Park in a corner shop.

Loved this 'Heckle and Jeckle' fountain.  Fun!

Then we were on to the art gallery and soda fountain in the old Woolworth building.

First stop... the soda fountain.  Fashionista had a strawberry ice cream cone.

I had a 'Shirley Temple Float'... served up with a smile!

After our cool treat it was time to check out the gallery.

Outstanding pieces... here's a few of my favorites.

Nice... yes?

Across the street was "Chocolate Fetish".

Oh my!

We each bought something for our guy, and a piece for ourselves too.  I had chocolate candied orange peel.  For Himself I bought a Kahlua cream and an almond dark chocolate.

All these beautiful sea shells, fish, and sand castles are made from chocolate!

As we headed back to the car, we went past Pritchard Park.

Iridescent bubbles caught our eye... just as they did this little guy.

Then we heard a Christian song being sung to a country beat.

Well alrighty then!  Not much better than music in a park!

This young lady has a beautiful voice and a bluesy gospel vibe.

After listening for a while we headed over to the Biltmore Estate.

No we didn't tour the house... not at $60 a person ($75 in the fall and Christmas season)!!  That is just insane.

Nope, we drove past.  Fashionista has a pass that you get in free after 5pm.

We headed to the beautiful gardens instead.  Isn't this green house wonderful?

Of course we went inside... even tho there was a wedding going on in part of it.

Fantastic plants.  I could have spent hours in there.  But with the very nearby wedding we knew we needed to look and go.

So we headed to the outside garden.

So lovely.

As the sun was setting we started our 4 MILE drive out of the estate.  Time to get some supper and head home.

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