Sunday, July 17, 2016

Exploring the Smoky Mountains

After leaving the Blue Ridge Parkway, we cruised on west.  The plans were to go down the Great Smoky Mountain Expressway and then head in for a bit of beautiful mountain driving on the way to Tellico Plains.

There were many beautiful overlooks...even Persia enjoyed looking around.

Can you see yourself in a cabin looking down on this view? 

There were cute shops to explore too.  This was my favorite...

Nice, yes?

Along one point we crossed a high bridge and looked down to see a thick mist across the water...

Of course we turned around to check it out,  The water was so cold!  I knew it had to be coming from a deep dam.  A man who was fishing confirmed my thought.  But more about that tomorrow.

The mists had so many different looks...

Sun light on the mist...

...and a rainbow on the mist!

There were even shadows.  How cool is that?

Himself had fun skipping flat stone's from the boat ramp.

Farther down the road was this old - but still in use - dam (not the one that made the mists).

Getting close to sunset we stopped to enjoy this mountain stream.

Looking for shiny stones for Little Bird,


Love how this stone has the tree root grown around it.

There were a lot of stones to look through.  I found a few perfectly flat ovals that will make fantastic necklace pendants.

It had been a lovely day but night was coming up quick...

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